Workshops for Schools and Education Establishments

People can learn to neutralise the impact of negative emotions such as test anxiety or turmoil surrounding relationship issues, and then build effective replacement attitudes.

Learners gain a greater understanding of how their emotions and attitudes affect their development work and relationships by understanding where these core beliefs and values come from.

By boosting comprehension and problem solving, learners are able to increase clarity of their natural abilities and gain a greater understanding of how their emotions and attitudes affect their development and relationships.

For many, this results in improved academic performance and better relationships.

Throughout the sessions, students will learn different techniques of self-confidence that will support them in times of stress & difficult times.

  • Do you want support to make changes to your student’s life but don’t know where to begin?
  • Do students have goals but “something” keeps getting in the way?
  • Do you wish there was someone friendly, supportive and professional who could guide you and the students along the journey they want to make?

We are a team of professionally trained individuals who can support transition within your education facility.

The initial consultation is free and will enable us to tailor the program to individual needs.

The Workshops

Building Confidence and Reducing Anxiety

Core objectives:

  • Development of Emotional Well-being
  • Management of stress and anxiety

Loss and Bereavement (including parents who have separated)

Core objectives

  • Understanding the stages of grief
  • Learn coping mechanisms

How to use your natural abilities and understand learning

Core Objectives

  • Raise awareness of limiting beliefs
  • Disassociation with your usual patterns of coping

Thoughts, Feelings, Behaviour and Outcome

Core Objectives

  • Understanding your outcomes
  • Awareness of emotional well-being

Transition through Education

Core Objectives

  • How to connect the curriculum with your aspirations
  • Developing enterprise skills and problem solving

Mind and Muscle – How to build both

Core Objectives

  • Understand and learn mindfulness
  • Healthy lifestyle choices

These workshops are delivered in a flexible and interactive way.


Inspire Ignite recently delivered a series of workshops to our year 9 pupils to help them develop their employability skills.

"The sessions focus on self-awareness, planning, organising, and problem-solving. Pupils were supported to prepare for the successes and failures they will face; discovering how to focus on the positives along the way. Pupils gave feedback on their experiences and gave comments such as: "I think I will benefit a lot from learning how to control my anxiety and I won’t get anxious about my exams"

"I learnt how to act in an interview, which will be very useful in later life" and "I will go into an interview or exam with a clear mind, having meditated, and I will be confident."

"Inspire Ignite have been great to work with. They are happy to take on board the feedback from staff and pupils and adjust their delivery accordingly. You feel that you are all a part of a learning process. Our students seemed to really grasp the concept of mindfulness!" Erica Hood. Kelvin Hall Secondary School, Hull

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