Working with Military Families

Core Objective: Understanding the different pressures that Military families have that affects students at a school.

The Aims & Learning Outcomes of this course;

  • Understand the impact of operational environment, military discipline and self-sacrifice on the families of serving military personnel.
  • Appreciate the impact of a life-changing injury or illness, acquired during service, on the family.
  • Appreciate the impact of death in service on the family.
  • Recognise the challenges of resettlement for a military family.

Recognising that military families face a different set of pressures to civilian families.

As well as being able to work with former servicemen and women, it is essential that people working with ex-servicemen and women should also understand the needs of the families and the essential part that they have to play in successful transition into the community.

Military families make significant sacrifices, particularly when supporting servicemen and women on operations. As a result of this, they develop particular strengths which when mobilized correctly can facilitate the resettlement process. This training analyses the stresses facing the families of serving military personnel, investigates the support available to them, and explores the transition from service to civilian life from their perspective.

The Armed Forces Covenant Annual Report 2014 identifies that The Department for Education allocated £17.4M in the last financial year to support the needs of 57,940 pupils from Service families, with Schools applying to the MOD’s Education Support Fund. The MOD will be working with the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) to investigate the relationship between the Service Pupil Premium (SPP) and children from Service families attainment. To produce quantitative and qualitative data on SPP use and improve understanding of its impact. These are exciting times when there is recognition of the correlation between the impact on family and a parent/(s) being in the services.

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