Sue Altass

I have an extensive background of working in mental health, counseling and coaching, both adults and children. My gift is in helping children who find school challenging, to succeed. The Inspiration for Inspire-ignite came from nearly 20 years working in the NHS developing Mental Health services. The motivation to translate her experience and knowledge into workshops for students/ teachers and parents came from a desire to reach out to help more people than she could do in person. Sue was raised in a small farming community, which she left to travel the world she soon realized her passion for meeting and supporting people and projects was where her skills lay. On returning to the UK after several years she started her Mental Health Nurse Training, she went on to train for the next 10years in various techniques and models of working in the health sector. Her last post was as Head of Custodial Health Care Services which covered a variety of health initiatives and new services. Inspire-Ignite brings together her knowledge and the well-being tools developed by a team of experts, whilst the blog explores resources and information that she shares in the workshops. Sue holds a Bsc (hons) in Specialist Community Mental Health, is near completion of her Masters in Strategic Health, a Post Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. She has a foundation degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy, NLP, Family Therapy and Dealing with Drug and Alcohol abuse. Sue is registered with the ENB (English National Board) for nursing and a member of BACP (British Counseling and Psychotherapy) Fascinated and passionate by how a combination of psychological and learning techniques can influence the next generation in being confident, self-aware, motivated leaders of change she works with schools both Primary and Secondary in helping students believe in their abilities. Sue and Hannah joined forces and developed Inspire-Ignite. Inspire-Ignite runs workshops, seminars and well-being retreats details of which can be found on the Inspire-Ignite blog. Sue is also the co-owner of a mental health practice that supports people who require Mental Health Capacity Assessments and provides specialist training and One-to-One support and supervision/mentoring for professionals working with vulnerable adults;

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