Transition Programme


This programme is designed for learners aged between 9-11 years old. It can be used across other age groups.

Package Contents

  • 8 x books “Positive Parrot and Negative Newt” series 1-8 A complete set of our printed and fully illustrated books: These handy sized, easy to read books have been specially commissioned to enhance our Transitions programme. Also includes full audio version on USB drive.
  • 1 x Positive Parrot and 1 X Negative Newt Soft Toys: Specially designed for the programme, this handmade soft toy companion will delight and engage learners
  • 1 x Facilitator Handbook: For sessions 1-8 with Programme Quiz, Evaluation Form, Graduation Certificate included – this is a step by step programme guide for the facilitator to follow.
  • 30 x Learners Workbook: For sessions 1-8 – there needs to be a copy for all learners and they work through the pages within sessions 1-8. Extra copies available on request.
  • 30 x  Graduation Certificates: Which can be personalised for each learner
  • 1 x PowerPoint Presentation: [on USB drive] The ideal tool for demonstrating the programme to school staff, Parents and Carers, so they can support the learners’ development.
  • 1 x Audio recording for Focus 10 Mindfulness: [on USB drive] This is used within each session.


This programme is designed for learners aged between 9-11 years old. It can be used across other age groups.

Each session has Learning Objectives.These have been designed to ensure the sessions focus on the core objective for this programme that is ‘to develop the learner’s self of self through the development of confidence and self-esteem.  The facilitator session guide will support you as the facilitator through each session step by step.

Whenever possible we recommend the sessions are delivered weekly if possible without gaps other than for school vacations.

For each session there is a reading book from the Positive Parrot and Negative Newt series, one copy of the book is provided within the pack to enable the learners to share reading out loud to the group as a whole class activity. Shared reading can be daunting for some learners and so additional books are available at a reduced rate, please see the InspireIgnite shop page.

The Me, Myself and I programme Learning Outcomes (LO);

Sessions 1 and 2 LO #1.Learning how to develop self-management and confidence.
a. Raise awareness of limiting beliefs.
b. Disassociation with your usual patterns of coping.

Sessions 3 and 4 LO #2.Understanding what makes me tick.
a. Raise awareness of limiting beliefs.
b. using attitude for positive impact.

Sessions 5 and 6 LO #3.Developing emotional well-being.
a. Understanding your outcomes.
b. Awareness of emotional well-being.

Sessions 7 and 8 LO #4.What I need to give up, to develop me.
a. How to connect learning with your aspirations.
b. Developing enterprise skills and problem solving

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