Paul Spence

We work with inspiring people every day. One, in particular, is Paul Spence, who fought back from a serious brain injury and is now helping others in their recovery. In a testament to his inspiring story, Paul has dedicated himself to offer much-needed community support for people (from the Young to the Older) affected by brain injury.

Paul’s Story

In 2012, I was attacked without provocation in a busy bar. I subsequently suffered a serious brain injury that would change my life forever.

Since this incident, I have documented my journey in a bid to inspire and support others who have experienced a brain injury. Today, I dedicate my life to spearhead fundraising and charity events with a focus on my motto and philosophy:

Positivity, Awareness, Understanding and Love, which encourages others to see a light at the end of a tunnel.

My perspective on life has completely changed. I have been through a difficult life changing recovery.

I am an ambassador, providing advice and guidance to those looking to make positive steps in their recovery. Follow me, talk to me and support me in my aim click here.

My aim is to spread the PAUL philosophy and help others affected by brain injury. Some of the ways I do this are through: public speaking and motivational talks at schools, hospitals and events, and working with services like InspireIgnite.

Nothing could prepare my family and I for the battle brain recovery brings. It’s a long and challenging journey which will test every aspect of your life. Along the way I have learnt lessons which I feel could be valuable to others.

I have recorded my timeline of recovery (click here). It tells of the struggles and the triumphs that I have encountered.

I have now registered my charity; PAUL – For Brain Recovery (click here). This is to offer much needed community support for people affected by brain injury and offer Positivity, Awareness, Understanding and Love to anyone affected by brain recovery.

The vision of the charity is:

  • To educate and inspire people affected by brain recovery
  • To make life easier after brain injury
  • To promote brain wellbeing for everyone

After going through brain recovery first hand, I felt that unfortunately there is a lack of community support and aftercare. A brain injury is life changing. For that reason alone, there needs to be more support for people of all ages affected.

PAUL For Brain Recovery offers a quality peer-to-peer support service in the community.

I have thankfully lived through brain recovery so I know what’s needed. I have recovered well enough to try and help others and make a difference.

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