Social Media: Going into secondary school

Social media is of course a powerful tool in todays society, allowing billions of people across the world to connect at the simple click of a button, and share content from pictures of their pets through to ground breaking discoveries and world-renowned campaigns, and...

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November 2017 is men’s health awareness month, and because of this, several different organisations and campaigns have been set up in order to share the essential facts and figures that are so necessary to make a lasting change in today’s society, covering both mental...

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Christmas Party Envy

Social media a powerful tool in todays society, racking up over a billion users with no limit to how much can be posted. More commonly, websites like Facebook and Instagram offer insights into to lives of other, like friends and family, making the internet a social...

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Is There Such A Thing As Healthy Competition?

Many parents are strictly under the impression that competition is a negative thing in the lives of children, leading only to children becoming sadden and frustrated at the thought of losing, and even possibly bullying if the kids react badly to winning or losing....

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Sporting passion or aggression?

Sporting passion or aggression, the choice is yours. People who really find their passion in life are very fortunate. Those who make a living from their passion are even better off and as the saying goes, if you can get paid for doing what you love, you will never...

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Building Self-Esteem in Children

Be Your Child's Secret Cheerleader: Building Self-Esteem in Children When it comes to getting ahead in life confidence is key, and everyone loves the boost they get from receiving compliments. Shouting your children’s praises off the top of a rooftop and sharing their...

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Pink for girls, blue for boys…

Within the world of academia, the view that gender is a social construct has been widely accepted for years, decades even. So why is it taking the rest of the world so long to catch up? Worryingly, the findings of a new report published by Accenture have revealed that...

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Children are paving the way for those of the next generation, and all others to come. Because of this, education, health and general wellbeing are all absolutely essential. Children’s happiness, in particular, does not just come from watching TV, or buying the latest...

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Dealing with Stress This Summer

We are nearing that time of year when the nerves really are kicking in, mostly because of the huge changes and choices that are about to fall on to all of those in education that go hand in hand with results day. and transitions, such as moving to secondary school,...

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Supporting Mental Health

 Supporting Mental Health in Schools and Colleges Summary report     The Department for Education conducted a study that was published in August 2017 that shows around 1 in 10 children and young people have at least one of many symptoms of mental illness and...

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