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Forming part of CPD portfolios to enhance existing work.

All sessions are interactive. By boosting comprehension and problem solving, attendees will be able to increase their clarity of each of the training sessions. Attendees will learn the Focus Ten technique so they can utilise this within their lives and the organisation.

Mental Health Awareness

Core Objective: Raising awareness of Mental Health and how it may affect students and their emotional and educational well-being.

Providing an understanding of mental health concerns that can affect students, enabling those interacting with them to be empowered to support more effectively.

The British Medical Association reports that 20 percent of children and teenagers experience a mental-health problem at some point, and problems such as depression and self-harm are on the increase.

However, in the majority of cases, these problems remain undetected until adulthood, leading to underachievement at school as well as drug abuse, violence and disease. The Mental Health Awareness training is centred around tackling stigma and Improving attitudes to Mental health. The day gives clarity on how to access support for children and young people who may be vulnerable.

The day is Interactive and shows how teachers/professionals and parents can help build emotional resilience in children and young people so that they can make informed choices when dealing with the pressure of transition through education to adulthood.

The Aims Learning Outcomes of this course;

  • To increase understanding of mental health issues.
  • To contribute to your professional development.
  • To complement other training.
  • To allow you to respond effectively to a range of situations.
  • To provide practical advice to children and young people in distress.
  • To act as a reference source for you in the future.
  • To make a contribution towards a more safely managed environment.

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