Me, Myself & I

InspireIgnite supports student and young learners. Using our process they are quickly able to identify their natural abilities and how to best use them to achieve their goals.

Learning how to develop Self Management and Confidence

  • Ability to problem solve in a positive way
  • Disassociation with your usual patterns of coping

Understanding what makes me tick

  • Raise awareness of limiting beliefs
  • Using attitude for positive impact

Developing emotional well-being

  • Understanding your outcomes
  • Awareness of emotional well-being

What I need to give up, to develop me

  • How to connect learning with your aspirations
  • Developing enterprise skills and how to move forward with them

Focus Ten Pathfinder – InspireIgnite Mindfulness

The Focus Ten mindfulness technique is adapted to meet the identified needs of the learners we are working, making it age/ability appropriate.

By developing this as an integral part of learning each individual is in a focused state of alertness with their minds focused on action and fixed on the session.

Me, Myself and I
Transition (Yr 6/7)

Me, Myself and I
Teen Stress (Yr9/10)

Me, Myself and I
Employability Skills (Yr 12- employment)

“A Very enjoyable and enlightening experience!” – Garry, 6th Form Student

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