Health and Wellbeing Safety Training (HWST)

How safe is your workforce?

HWST is Two days of flexible training that enables you, as the manager/employer to offer training that is delivered by experts who have knowledgeable and competence in the field of Health and Wellbeing.

The aim of this training is to provide people with a knowledge and understanding of the principles of health and wellbeing, the effect on the individual and team they work in, and how wellbeing can be maintained and improved.

Choose 4 sessions from below to make up the two days;

1. Solutions for Connecting the Team/ Understanding team dynamics

2. Understanding and practical techniques in dealing with stress

3. Activating Confidence and self belief

4. Solutions to combat stress when it interferes with work life balance

5. Mental Health in the Workplace

6. Understanding Mental Health v Mental illness

7. Awareness and Understanding of Dementia

8. Affects and Awareness of drugs and alcohol

Who is it suitable for?
This course is for anyone who works with people and wants to improve their ability to deal positively with negative situations. To have a better understanding of the psychological effects our behaviour has on the people and the teams we work in.

By the end of the 2 day programme, participants will be able to:

✅  Have an understanding of reactive strategies for teamwork

✅  Understand how psychological health can enhance self worth

✅  Be assertive with a positive outcome

✅  Examine techniques for dealing with challenging situations.

✅  Have considered barriers to assertive behaviour

✅  Have discussed the application of assertiveness

✅ Investigate what support is available

✅  Mental Health v Mental Illness

✅  Understand how to get the best out of your team

✅  Have a better understanding of health issues and how to access help

Training for Teams & Industries

Forming part of CPD portfolios to enhance existing work. All sessions are interactive.

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