Hannah Cheshire

“I am motivated to ensure inclusion is at the heart of all we do when working with students, parents/carers and school staff. Supporting everyone to realise their potential, and find their inner strength is a core role within Inspire-Ignite”


Hannah qualified as a social worker in 2000 from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. She has worked within the field of Social Inclusion since 2000. Initial working as a Specialist Drugs Worker for Commercial Sex Workers and progressing in her career into management over the next 5 years when she became the Head of Service – Hull Social Inclusion for City HealthCare Partnership in 2005.

In 2011 she became the senior manager for the Hull Addictions Recovery Service and began the journey of understanding the Recovery Agenda and the potential it holds for adults and their families. In 2013 Hannah successful attained a Master’s Degree in Health and Social Care Management and Leadership from Hull University, and joined Sue Altass in co-founding Inspire-Ignite; an organisation that supports and encourages a transition to enable progression and learning.

Sue the primary founder of Inspire-Ignite, bringing together a team of highly motivated professionals who have the skills, knowledge and experience to provide the guided transition in people. Hannah’s’ drive and passion for social inclusion come from a core belief that people are equal, (irrelevant of differences) and should have equality and quality in service provision and education. Acknowledging that services and education needs to be provided by motivated, knowledgeable and professional staff. Hannah’s commitment to InspireIgnite’s mission comes from her desire to support young people in transitions.

Hannah states that: ‘to be a part of a young person’s transition is rewarding; supporting them to grow is inspiring. Given the skills to change and the knowledge about themselves, young people can make incredible changes that will support transitional phases throughout their lives.’

Hannah is also the co-owner of a mental health practice that supports people who require Mental Health Capacity Assessments and provides specialist training and One-to-One support and supervision/mentoring for professionals working with vulnerable adults; Altass-Cheshire.co.uk

More about Hannah’s inspiration for Inspire-Ignite in Learning Styles formats;

Visual Auditory The Greatest Love of All – written by Michael Masser and Linda Creed ‘I believe the children are our future Teach them well and let them lead the way Show them all the beauty they possess inside Give them a sense of pride to make it easier’ Kinesthetic

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