Three Keys To Unlocking Student Potential

InspireIgnite are taking an innovative approach to learning, focusing on a child’s mental health and well-being and teaching them to be mindful. We teach individuals how to deal with negative emotions such as anxiety over tests, and also how these kinds of emotions have an impact on their academic life.

Reaching people aged 7-24 years old, InspireIgnite connects the emotional with the academic, helping young people to identify the relationship between the two and how to utilise it for maximum success and happiness. Participants leave their workshops with boosted comprehension and problem solving skills, and a greater sense of control over their lives.

All of the work that we do is closely linked with the standards that are required by Ofsted, and the activities we use to engage participants are designed to complement the national education system. They encourage learners to be creative and innovative and celebrate individuality, recognising that, in order to develop the life-long skills that are required to achieve overall well being and success, young people must learn to accept themselves as individuals.

Our primary focus is on helping young students get more out of their education. We give them real-world practical skills that help them feel more confident, experiences that build their self-esteem and engagement, and usable insights into better ways to benefit from their time in the education system.

1: Understand My World

Some students find it hard to fit in with peer groups, and the conventional education system. This is most often caused by an underlying lack of confidence.

This lack of confidence, simply comes from not seeing their own value, not appreciating their natural strengths and talents.

Feeling inferior, they often then focus on what feels like survival, protection, and avoidance of emotional pain.

2: Help Me Build Confidence

It’s not until they feel safe that the students will be able to give attention to learning, interacting and benefiting from the school environment.

So the first task is always, to build up their self-confidence, to help them see what their natural strengths and talents are.

The most effective way to do this is through fun and interactive exercises, where they can experience themselves succeeding.

3: Help Me To Learn And Grow

Once they have developed confidence students feel safe and more willing to learn, grow and take on new ideas and information.

It is only then, that they can see the opportunity that school provides – a way to develop their strengths so that they can build a life which will bring them happiness and fulfilment.

Knowing how to create value, and to be valued, is the gift.


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