Training for Teams & Industries

Forming part of CPD portfolios to enhance existing work.

All sessions are interactive. By boosting comprehension and problem solving, attendees will be able to increase their clarity of each of the training sessions. Attendees will learn the Focus Ten technique so they can utilise this within their lives and the organisation.

Mental health awareness
Raising awareness of Mental Health and how it may affect people and their emotional well-being. Providing an understanding of mental health concerns that can affect staff, enabling those interacting with them to be empowered to support more effectively.

Solutions to help connect your team
One of the key things that managers need to address, is understanding and utilising the natural talents and motivations of their staff. They can do this by using their own gut feelings or they can do it in a more structured way by using Profiles like Belbin to identify these behavioural talents, preferences and motivations.

Drug and alcohol awareness
Raising awareness of drug and alcohol and the effects of this on emotional well-being.

Health and well being safety training
The aim of this training is to provide people with a knowledge and understanding of the principles of health and wellbeing, the effect on the individual and team they work with, and how well being can be maintained or improved.

Conflict resolution
Whether it’s workplace disputes, difficult people or unresolved conflicts the thing to aim for is a resolution, otherwise, what’s the point? InspireIgnite help people get to the heart of the problem so they have clarity and choice over a solution.

Working with military families Understanding the different pressures that Military families have – recognising that military families face a different set of pressures to civilian families.

Understanding loss
Every grieving person will be affected by the unique dynamics of the relationship between themselves and the person who has died.

Focus Ten
Mindfulness is a very simple form of meditation. Our Focus Ten mindfulness technique is adapted to meet the identified needs of the attendees we are working with, making it age/ability appropriate.

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