Many people manage conflict by avoiding it

Whether it’s workplace disputes, difficult people or unresolved conflicts the thing to aim for is a resolution, otherwise, what’s the point?

InspireIgnite help people get to the heart of the problem so they have clarity and choice over a solution.

Conflict Management Training Objectives;

  • Defining conflict, assertiveness and aggression
  • Communication break down
  • Recognising and understanding signs and symptoms of anger and aggression
  • Understanding natural responses
  • Staying Calm and managing our own responses

Conflict Resolution

With the resolution, comes the ability to move things forward.

Conflict resolution and dealing with difficult people is interactive with real-life scenarios. This training builds confidence and skills designed to help staff constructively engage with conflict rather than avoid it.

Just about every company in the world has, on occasion, a problem with conflict among its staff, or conflict that staff have to deal with externally. Our training is highly participative and delivered by trainers who are enthusiastic and passionate about developing skills to manage conflict.

Your company may need people to get on with each other better and not get bogged down in arguments and tensions that disrupt the flow of work. This is when InspireIgnite can help you and your team.

Training for Teams & Industries

Forming part of CPD portfolios to enhance existing work. All sessions are interactive.

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