Do you have a drug or alcohol concern? Contact us for an initial assessment and we can give you advice and support, on next steps. We provide our service through Axa and BUPA and also to private clients.

We tend to focus on the symptom and see the symptoms as the problem when it is the symptom that highlights we have a problem. Addictions stems from a root cause. In the 15 years of working with people never has someone said I chose to become an addict. Addiction comes with an impulse, an urge, the cravings, this only forms a small part of the talking therapy we offer the rest is based on trust and acknowledgement that you want to change.

We support change through

  • Psycho-Social interventions.
  • Evidence-based structured intervention.
  • Outreach & Engagement.
  • Whole family approach.
  • Aftercare support and recovery networks.

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